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I love reading books as much as I love getting quotations or lines from them so I had decided to make another page where you can read some of my favorites from different books I've finished.
And to give you a little background about me having books, I once bought books at a book store but I always have them misplaced. I have two more books which were given as gifts and I kept them in my cabinet and left untouched since the day I finished reading them. I don't let anyone borrow my books because I am selfish. Haha. Just kidding. It is just books or things that are borrowed are often misplaced.
I don't know what particular year I'd discovered eBooks, but they are way cheaper than the actual book if you will buy them online, in my case, I get them for free. I can carry it anywhere without the stress of having more weight on my bag and it won't be misplaced because it comes in handy with my phone. 
Ever since I found out about eBooks, I started judging books by it's... Yes, you know how to end that sentence, cover.

I don't want to spoil you so I won't provide any summary here even though these lines serve as a sneak peek to what's in the book.
You should read it for yourself if these lines seem to be enticing to you. 

Here are some from Side Effects May Vary by Julie Murphy

• “But just because it was normal didn’t make the cut any less deep.”

• “It was perfect except that she was dying and I was living and I didn’t know how we could do both at the same time.”

• “But when the girl you loved was dying, it was hard not to let yourself go with her.”

• “Alice, don’t leave, okay? I’ll come here every day, just don’t leave.”

• “I don’t know what it will feel like after, but I know I’ll miss you most.”

• “But you don’t ever get what you want how you want it.”

• “She was a force, a tornado: safe to look at from a distance, but in close proximity, you risked being just another piece of her debris.”

• “On that cold night in January it all slipped into place for me and she became my everything and my everyone. My music, my sun, my words, my hope, my logic, my confusion, my flaw.
I was thirteen years old, and she was all these things to me.
And I was her friend”

• “After I got sick, I wondered if they tried to stop loving me a little bit. Not on purpose, but maybe in the interest of them surviving this thing. I mean, my parents loved me. But wouldn’t anyone try to distance themselves from something they knew they were about to lose entirely?”

• “There’s no hiding from life, Alice Elizabeth. It always finds you.”

• “I knew how to die. It was the living that scared me.”

• “I had nothing left to wish for, and even if I did, I wouldn't wish for it; I would do it.”

• “We always want something until we have it.”

• “We all die. We are dying. I’m just in the fast lane, I guess, dying faster than the rest of you slugs.”

• “What I'd never realized, though, was that there was one privilege to dying: the right to live without consequence.”

• “I was over making plans. Plans were promises in disguise.”

• “Under the night sky, everything looked so much better.”

• “This was why Dennis was my best friend, because everything else in my life could be shit, but he would still be Dennis.”

• “I’d always heard that when you truly love someone, you’re happy for them as long they’re happy. But that’s a lie. That’s higher-road bullshit. If you love someone so much, why the hell would you be happy to see them with anyone else? I didn’t want the easy kind of love. I wanted the crazy love, the kind of love that created and destroyed all at the same time.”

• “Then he left, and with him he took the sun, the moon, the stars, and anything inside of me that might have been good.”

• “my weird-shaped-doesn’t-fit-into-a-box-sometimes-angry heart loves you,”

Read the book? Share with me your favorite lines.

That's all for now. 
Sending love to everyone. 

Katrina Sarmiento

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