I used to have a really long hair but I recently had it cut and colored about two weeks ago. I naturally have a thick and wavy hair that is why I have to tie it up most of the time especially at school. 

I will be posting  7 different hairstyles that can be achieved in 5 minutes or less. Great for every girl especially those who are always in a hurry– like me. I made these hairstyles on my second day hair that's why it's not that wavy. Anyway, let's start!

 1. High Ponytail
(2 minutes or less)

You need:

  •   a hair tie
 I suggest that you buy a plain hair tie- the one without a connector or whatever it is called-because your hair tends to get stuck between these connectors and it strips your hair resulting to split ends.

This one's a simple ponytail. For this hairstyle, simply part your hair at the middle and gather it all up. After you secure it with a hair tie, you may pick some loose hairs in front to frame your face. I do it most of the time to not look like a bald guy- you know the struggle. 

2. Messy Bun
(2-minutes or less)

You need: 

  • a hair tie and;
  • some skills at hand twisting (just kidding)

To achieve this, gather your hair up and stop tying when you're halfway through the ponytail and take the bunch that's left and tie it again. I will post a more detailed step-by-step tutorial of this hairstyle soon.

3. Side Clips
(1 minute or less)

You need:

  •  4 bobby pins or
  • 2 hair clips
To achieve this, simply part your hair then take about half of an inch thick from each side of your hair then pin them on both sides.

4. Three-strand Braid 
(2 minutes or less, depends on how long your hair is)

You need:
  •  hair elastics and;
  • some bobby pins
To achieve this, I part my hair then do a simple three-strand braid  on one side, secure it with an elastic then clip it at the back. I like to pull strands of the braid to make it bigger.

5. Side Braid/French Braid
(3 minutes or less)

You need:
  • 2 bobby pins
To achieve this, do a french braid on one side of your hair then pin it just behind your ear and cover the pin with the top part of your hair.

6. Side Braid Ponytail
(3 minutes or less)

You need: 
  • hair tie and;
  • bobby pins
This is hairstyle #1 and #5, combined.

7. Side Braid Bun
(5 minutes or less)

You need:
  • bobby pins (to secure the braid and the bun)
  • hair ties
This is hairstyle #2 and #5, combined.

Yes, you can combine two different hairstyles to create a new one. Don't be afraid to experiment with different hairstyles.
I will be posting more soon and hopefully, more detailed tutorials.

I'd love to see your own version of these hairstyles! You can tag me on Instagram or post your pictures on the comment box.

So that's pretty much it! Thanks for staying with me all through this post. 
Sending love to everyone! ♥
'Til my next post! x

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