Last Minute Gift Ideas

Christmas is coming faster than we thought! One day it's months before Christmas and the next thing you know, it's Christmas already!
Here are some gift ideas that would be perfect for your friends, relatives, or special someone, plus, it can save you time and avoid the stressful hustle you'll encounter at mall sales!
I included links on where to get them.
(They're on sale + discounts for my readers!)

P.S. There are far more options to give as gifts, this is just a small list to give you some ideas on what to shop for the holiday season, in case you're having a hard time. 


Have you ever traveled and wore heels just to be stylish in photos and take that great OOTD shot or you know someone? Did they enjoy your travel or did they complain all day about how their feet are swollen and wanted somebody to just carry them for the whole trip or just walk bare foot. Oh, the struggles of a girl.
They don't have to wear heels again just to be stylish on trips and bear the pain. You can give them these flats to top off their ensemble and be comfortable at the same time.

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They are on sale! (20% OFF)
You can shop their items on


These are for your friends who loves to stay indoors instead of going to parties.
For your friends who's constantly in love with fictional characters.
The one you see crying in bed because their favorite character died.
Wait, did I just describe myself? Anyway,
get them new paper back books to read at Chapter One PH  (instagram)

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10% OFF (1 BOOK) or


This is for the arsty craftsy ones and the girly girls too!
Shop novelty items and all sorts of stuff at My Hafama!
Great deals and they're on sale!

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Visit their IG: @myhafama


Who says Hello Kitty is just for kids? They are also perfect for kids at heart!
Who can resist this cute little kitty right?
Hello Kitty necklace, power bank, bags, seat covers, and shoes?
They have it at.

Want these?
Visit @hellokitty.onlineshop (instagram)
* Get a free HK wallet when you purchase a seat cover
* FREE SHIPPING on bags and car seat covers


These bags are perfect for girls on the go and for the stylish ones! You don't know how happy they will be when they receive these for Christmas. This is also perfect for your mom! A way of giving back to them for everything they have done.

Shop these on
Instagram: @in2ushoppe
Hmmm. I heard they're on sale? Pay them a visit now.

Happy shopping everyone and enjoy your holidays! :)

Katrina Sarmiento

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