The Indie Side

Here is a post to share indie bands that I've been listening to for months. If you are also fond of this, I recommend you guys to search Bleachers and The 1975 on Youtube and listen to their songs. 

How did I found Bleachers?

I was searching for great covers from 2014 then I clicked on a video by ATC and they covered "I Wanna Get Better" by Bleachers. I fell inlove with the song right away then I decided to find the original band (which is Bleachers) and listened to all of their songs. My top 3 Bleachers songs are
1. I Wanna Get Better
2. Rollercoaster (If I ever go on a roadtrip, this would be in my playlist)
3. Wild Heart

How did I found The 1975?

Well, who would not, right?
But I discovered The 1975 I guess by mid-August of 2014, I heard Chocolate somewhere and instantly fell inlove with it, it's so catchy so I typed in the lyrics and known the title. 
Top 3
1. Robbers
2. Chocolate
3. Me

I have always loved songs which give me a riding-on-a-VW-van roadtrip feels for I am frustrated to go on a road trip someday.
I love how it makes me so nostalgic about a time which I haven't even been.

My ranting ends here. Go listen to them now. :)

Sending love to everyone! ♥️

Katrina Sarmiento

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