We have seen lots of flat lay photos revolving around Insta sphere which we didn't have second thoughts on saving it on our camera roll or even tapping that heart symbol.

There are flat lays which looks appealing to the eye and there are some that looks cluttered.
I may not upload flat lay photos often but I have gathered some tips on becoming the flat lay master of your squad.

Read on for my short list of tips on mastering that flat lay!

1. Surface
First of all, you need to have a subject — of course — and a flat surface to place everything you want to capture. If you have round objects to take photos of like pen, lipstick, etc..., you cannot just put them there and expect them not to roll around, a double sided tape may come in handy for this (or a gum if you please).

2. White space
a.k.a negative spaces gives our eyes room to breathe. These are the "vacant" spaces in our photos.

3. Resourcefulness
You can use anything, from a coffee table magazine to dried leaves to add style in your photo. You can also use your hand, either holding the subject or reaching out to it. 

4. Lighting
Proper lighting is essential in having a great photo, either taken from a professional camera or your phone. Most people who have some background in photography uses natural lighting, they usually take photos at daytime, beside a window, or set up a place outside their house —garage, garden, or a cafĂ©. If the weather or your lifestyle doesn't permit you to take photos in natural lighting, you can use bright lights that can illuminate your subject. You can still have better photos in artificial lighting but it would not come out the same as crisp as the ones taken with a natural light.

5. Editing applications/software
Of course we need some tweaking —though some pictures are better raw — to enhance the photo and turn it eye-catching. You may want to keep in mind that everything that is overly done is not good. 

6. Inspiration
We can use some photo inspiration from other people who are good at flat lay photography. Do not copy the exact same photo. Instead, know some techniques how they arrange their subject and incorporate what you have learned and have your own style. 

7. Practice
Practice makes perfect as they say, this is true! Keep on shooting flat lays until you get the perfect photo.
I hope these would be helpful the next time you take a flat lay. Share this to your friends and make that Instagram feed of yours worth following. Good luck! x

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Do you want to share more flat lay tips? Post them in the comment box. :)

Katrina Sarmiento

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