I'm Katrina, born in 1995. I am currently residing at the Southern part of Nueva Ecija.I love the rain and cold weather– great excuse for wearing pajamas and cozy sweaters.  Sunset and night sky fascinates me.My interests are designing, taking photos, reading books, dressing up, and learning new things. 

Taking up BS Accountancy while being a young entrepreneur, my online shop does printing– from business cards to shirts. This is where I pour all my creativity and love for designing (since I'm not good at drawing). 

Her Fragments

is a blog made to share Cat's personal life, ideas, her passion for photos, and beauty related topics. I may sometimes post product and book reviews as well as playlists with songs that I'd love to share with you.If your interests are the same as mine, this blog would be perfect and you can share your own insights at the comment section.
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