RAVISH Palette  |  LORAC Cosmetics
s w a t c h e s

Hello! I'm back with a swatch post about this teeny tiny Ravish Lace Palette from Lorac.

It has been lying around the house and untouched for the longest time so I decided to open it and  try the shades.

It has 7 shimmer shades and 1 matte shade. It doesn't come with names unlike  other palettes. I think those cream shades are perfect for brow bone. Sometimes I use shimmer cream shadows for highlighting my cheeks.

Unlike the usual big rectangular palettes released by Lorac, it is sizes smaller that is why it would perfectly fit on your clutch– party touch ups! You'll never know when you'll need it. Haha.
Its lace packaging is so chic! It is perfect for girls on the go, it's a bit expensive for its size but definitely worth the buy.

Here are the shade swatches. Cream shadows aren't that visible because of my light skin color but it's two different shades of cream, the left one is like a pinkish cream and the right one's a yellowish cream. Green shadow seems more charcoal in color when applied and the Violet shadow looks more like a darker brown than the ones I named Dark Brown or is it the darker brown? Who knows. 

To wrap up this entire post, I played with it and here's the outcome. I don't do too well with make ups, I just put on what I think looks fine.


Katrina Sarmiento

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