I've had a bad week. I felt that this week had been so hard on me, mostly because of school. From examinations to early classes and everything in between. I thought that I need a break from the chaos that has been building up in my mind and eating every ounce of happiness in me. 

So here, to share some places and things I have done this week, I've made a LIFE LATELY blog post! :)

It was nice finding a church near our school. We decided to go there to ask for guidance and peace of mind. We prayed and lighted some candles and honestly, it  lightens the burden inside of me. If ever I want to be alone or school's too much to handle, this is where I would go. 

I have always thought of taking a picture of this and finally, I got the chance to do it! I love how it looks like I am in the year 90s. (I don't know why I love feeling that I live in the 80s/90s) It was like you're not in a city when you see this restaurant. 

This was taken at the mall obviously. We did nothing but take pictures. 

This was my first time having a picture inside this kind of bus. Being a commuter is somehow good. Haha. I think this bus is from another country because our local buses don't have these kind of seats.  This was taken while we were on our way to school.

We traded tickets at the arcade for classic butter balls which I love when I was a kid. 

Lastly, going home on a Valentine's day after a family dinner at the mall. 

I will end this post here.
P.S. I will be doing more life lately posts!

That's all for now!
Sending love to everyone! ♥️

Katrina Sarmiento

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