Amidst school's pressure

Decent photos x Outtakes
(plus, I took the opportunity to have my outfit taken)
used EOS 1100D

This was not planned at all.
That's a joke haha. I had been planning to have this for almost a month but the weather and school works come in the way. I don't know why, but usually, the weather become gloomy and it will start to rain very hard the minute we are about to leave the house. It was a bit gloomy but thank God, it did not rain that day so we are able to continue our planned photo shoot. 

It was really awkward at first because we do not know how to pose for the camera but we got the hang of it. By the way, this shoot is just for fun and we are not some kind of a professional model, so no hating guys. 

Here are some of our photos.

This photo is taken by my phone camera. Who's not a sucker for instagram presentable photos or whatever it is called? Probably not me! Haha. I am currently fixing my feed and I want to have an organized theme.  

I love this shot. It is very candid. ♥

By the way, this is a collaboration shoot with one of my closest friend who is also fond of things I love, no wonder why we got along very fast. 
She used to be so quiet back in highschool but she is very different now. But I love how she had changed. 
You can see her photos on instagram

By looking at this picture, you can tell what kind of person I really am. Some people say I look "masungit" all the time because of the fact that they seldomly see me laugh or even smile but once we get really close, you will get weary with the way I laugh and how often you will see me smile for even the littlest things. 

I love how every outtake.

That's all for now.  
Sending love to everyone!

Katrina Sarmiento

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